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stereo pre amplifier for HT power amp..

Wharfedale Evo 4.2


Active Member
Sep 2, 2012
ERODE , tamil nadu
hi all,

currently i used integra 80.1 and sunfire tga 7400 for home theatre purposes.. my speaker package is b&w cm9 series.. it does well on HT purposes..

but for stereo listening musics , it is very poor in output.. very dissappointed.. even at high voulume, sound is minimal..

after some research in internet , came to know that multichannel pre amp is not good for music listening.. some friends suggests to go with seperate stereo pre amp. for better results..

i am on budget now , so i dont wish to invest both pre and power seperates .. so , i decided to try old stereo pre amplifire like audio lab 8000q in ebay.. for matching with my sunfire TGA 7400 power amp.

does this makes sense to improve stereo sound with older stereo pre amp. and sunfire TGA 7400? or it would be better to go with newer integrated stereo amplifiers?

if it will do good , what specification factors do i considered for better results?

thanks in advance

Indranil Sen

Active Member
Jan 20, 2018
Integra 80.1 is a decent pre-processor and it is well capable of delivering 2 channel music. If you don't perceive a volume drop in multi-channel/HT environment and use the same cable for 2 channel music then there shouldn't be a volume drop. Could you clarify following to understand this issue a little better?
1. Are you using the same cable connecting Integra to powe-amp for 2 channel music as HT? If you are using balanced cable for HT and unbalanced cable for music then there would be a 6db (half) volume drop for music
2. Are you using any preset surround mode for 2 channel music? Could you try using pure-direct mode to bypass all processing and output the raw content?
3. Have you set the speaker level (front left and right) in negative on the bass management menu of the pre-processor Integra?
4. Are you using sub-woofer for music? Is sub-woofer turned on in the bass management menu of the pre-processor Integra?
5. Do you have a gain switch on the power anplifier for front left and right channels? If yes, is it not set to maximum?
6. Let us know the type of source that you are using for music?
7. Let us know the exact connection topology from the source to the speaker for music? Is it source to pre-processor Integra to power-amp to speaker?

W/o doing further analysis on this issue it wouldn't make any sense to think about a different pre-processor.