Stereo System: Music Hall Trio + Dynaudio 42W + Truaudio OP5.1


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Dec 18, 2008
I have been on the look out for a few HT and one stereo system for sometime now. Also I have finished an Audio Setup for my terrace details for which I am giving another post.

Now, I have received an offer for the stereo system, where the requirements are for a Source, 2 Zone Amplifier, Pair of Bookshelves and a Pair of Outdoor speakers (Zone 2).

Room Size - Zone 1: 11 X 18
Attached Deck - Zone 2: 9 X 18
Music: Hindi Movies & Ghazals.
Budget: 75-100k

Choice 1 - One distributor has suggested the below
Source + Amp: Music Hall Trio (55k) - clearance stock
Zone 1 Speakers: Dynaudio Audience 52SE (60k) or 42W (46k) - Demo Pcs.
Zone 2 Speakers: Truaudio OP5.1 outdoor speakers (25k).

This setup does overshoot my budget. Thus wanted to know how good it is really. Will it far surpass Choice 2 below and also if it is rightly priced. Price listed above is 20% below MRP.

Choice 2: This is what I started with initially.
Source + Amp: Marantz CD6003 + PM6003 (40k)
Zone 1 Speakers: PSB Image B25 / KEF iQ10 / MS Mezzo / Quad 11L2 / MA BR2 etc... (25k)
Zone 2 Speakers: Polk Atrium 45 / Wharfedale Neptune (15k)

I do not want to increase and spend 50k extra on Choice 1 unless the difference is spectacular. Dynas did sound fantastic, but that was with Primare source + amp in demo room with acoustics done very well.

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