subwoofer choosing guide ?


Aug 12, 2008
I have a denon a/v receiver (1306 - old model) connected with 2 Klipsch bookshelf speakers. I want to buy a subwoofer (powered one). I am getting different opinions on this. My requirement is that I should be able to get crystal clear sound - low frequencies and not hiss/hmm sound and also if I play melody songs it should reproduce the low notes beautifully without noise/jarring, etc. I am told that I could go for 8" or 10" to be able to get good bass effect (LFE). My room size is 150 ft - 10 x 15 (or may be 160 ft approximately). I need to know the room dimension vs subwoofer requirement so that I can match it correctly.

The options that I have thought:

yamaha sw100 or sw215 - The salesman at yamaha says sw100 is only for satellite and I should go for sw215.

Tekniks - Dainty subwoofers - low cost one - 5.5K - Generally I hear it's good

Craftel - They have 12" costing 12K.

My budget is anywhere between 5 to 10 K -
Your suggestions appreciated. I am a beginner in starting appreciating the need for good speakers

Any other shop in Ritche street that sells good subs in 5 - 10 K range that would suit my budget is also welcome.
IMHO don't waste your money on the ones mentioned. You will eventually get tired of them and want to upgrade to something better in no time. Try to find a used SW150 or save up and get a new one. This one should will satisfy all your requirements. There are hardly any entry level subwoofer out there that is as good as this one.

Get in touch with hifipal4all/Ramesh in this forum and see if he can help you get one for you.

A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.