suggest an ipod docking station - price <10k


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Dec 1, 2008

Can you guys suggest a good VFM docking station/speaker for ipod? It should support the sixth generation(30GB) as well as the new touch series/iphone.

Budget - 10k max.
I am in the same boat. Have been looking for a good but cheap dock. I haven't done an A/B comparison (and it seems unlikely) but the cheapest one -- Apple's own Universal dock for around 3,000 -- seems to be a good bet.
I saw a Bonyq Ipod dock in reliance ilife the other day, sounded pretty good, i was quoted about 9.4k for that. it came with all the connectors to connect the whole ipod family from 1st generation. it also included a line-in to connect via a normal 3.5 mm cable.

reliance ilife is a good place to buy quality ipod accessories
check out ILuv I199. I believe its available in india, havent heard this one, but the features are good. ipod, cd, usb pendrive etc. alarm clock etc.
If you do manage to hear it out, please do let me know how it sounds. I haventheard it yet.
Why dont you try Onkyo dock which has 2 models for 7k & 10K.
The 10k model is award winner & has AV out.
came across some good i-pod, dock but name was probably 'street beat' made by uk based comp in sp road.

After discount it was approx 2k. Try it! the shop is near MX dealer.They sell sennheiser audiophile headphones too.

chroma mall has a few docs too !
From various Internet reviews it looks like Altec Lansing iM7 is one of the best VFM good SQ iPod docks. It's available in eBay for around 9.9K.
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