Suggest me writing speed for 8.5GB DVD+R DL

john b

New Member
Dec 29, 2009
which speed is good for writing on 8.5gb DVD+R DL DISC, is there any difference in between them regarding the speed. This are the writing speeds asking to write, whioch are selectible.

10x (13850 kb/s)
8x (11080 kb/s)
6x (8310 kb/s)
4x (5540 kb/s)

Experts help me in this issue ???

Thanks in advance.
I also write at 4X
Safest. As you know DL DVDs cost quiet a bit so you dont want failed discs
The lower the speed, the safer it will be for DVD players to read. Also less chance of Burn errors. For video DVD's I always prefer 4x. You can use a higher speed if it is only for data archiving purpose, and not for playing on DVDP's.
Usually the reason for a Burn Error during the process is due to Buffer Underrun, A good DVD RW and a writing SW with a decent system never would return a Buffer Underrun. Yes there might be other reasons for an error but burning at slow speed only fail safes you from Burn Errors due to Buffer Under run. Any other potential problem would not make a difference if you burn at 4,8,12X you still might land up with Burn Errors.

So if you have a good DVD RW and SW with a decent system, go ahead and burn at max speed and you would be safe. I have never burnt a DVD less then 16X and have a 98% success. Yes I do got a few Burn Errors but as I said that were not due to Buffer Underrun and I would have got those errors even if I had burnt the disk at 4 or 8X
how much do the DL dvds cost (without the case). I can get SL for about 11-12 bucks if buying a 100 pk.
Rainbow DL DVD's are available costing 20-22 bucks. No idea about the reliability though. I burnt around 6 of them, and till date one of them has started skipping while playing on a DVDP, and also gets stuck at a point. Others are playing well as of now. I have burnt both data and video, and it seems it is more reliable for data.
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