Suggestion for buying a torch -LED, shake torches, flashlights etc.


Aug 14, 2008
Hyderabad, India.

This might sound inappropriate for this forum but can you suggest me the above. Budget is 1- 1.5K.

An eaxample -
eBay India: Shake Torch with Bill & Warranty (item 270291110979 end time 29-Oct-2008 14:17:40 IST)

The price is obviously throttled, so should be getting for less. The requirement is for very powerful beam and should last long95-10 years ) on everyday usage. My hoemetown in keral is pitch dark an dnoo lights most time. So.....

thanks and awaiting lots of suggestiona.

Anything i can buy in Hyderabad will bw great.
If in Bangalore, you could go to SP Road and get very good quality Chinese manufactured LED rechargeable torches at very good prices. (In every major town, you would probably find a similar electronics shopping location).
I have got one which is working well for the last 1 year and the light is really bright. I use it on my trips to Kerala :)
hmm...... atleast LED torch is needed for changing cables on the back of instruments

The ebay shake light is not needed because ,
LEDs consume very less battery .....
once u put the battery lasts more than 4-5 months ....

i can give you few options:

1. Buy eveready etc brand from staples [koremangala,bangalore..i saw ]
2....preferred option from hong-kong bazaar,bangalore.. i gifted some torches
,they are all rechargable ...once charged they go 20 days on casual use..damn low cost 120Rs each ..very good quality

but beware .there are so many bad quality ones ...ask me when buying..PM
if you can spend buy Maglite there about 1k,imported from dubai
3.Direct import ..costlier option
Decided its mag-lite then. Did some research and its MAG-lite suggested every page:). manij, its really pitch dark in my hometown, with river pampa a few mettresfrom my home(pucca village) and lots of peepal trees to add to the experience.:D

Thanks guys. Moderator you may close this
pitch dark in my hometown, with river pampa a few mettresfrom my home(pucca village) and lots of peepal trees to add to the experience.:D

Moderator/s please don't close this thread. Pitch dark, river flowing nearby, Peepal trees.....................What an ideal back drop for some real scary Ghost stories,,,,,,,,, Lady in White with Lamp in hand.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VoooHoooDooo..........Please share some with us.
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Hi SuhasG,

I am a poor mortal fro m a poor village. but hey, its that scary. Two people inahe adjacent house hanged themselves and that mage things much sweet. Well, I hardly go there except for once in three years but my grandpa lives there and would like to live till death in that place. Hence my dad & mom relocated here. But yes what I said is true to my belief and knowledge. Me in touch buddy,n this forum, as time goes and we grow close, lets see, my next teip, I shall surely invite you, since you showed interest.


Moderator" This was an irrelevant to the topics dicussed here bit stll was given a chance to get different views. thanks to you and people behind this sweet forum. i would not have got a response in any other Indian forum better. Thnaks. You should close this, that way its better. i shall be careful not to post this kind again here.:D
Hi Anoop
Least in Mumbai maglite is available in grey but beware ogf duplicates!!
I owe one - but for style only
I strongly feel buy 2-3 good chinese torches -- so that you will have backup against chinese unreliabality !!!!
anooj, it's always pleasant to have dekko at the human side of the boarders once in a while, apart from discussing hardware and software. No regrets.
It is in the "general chit chat section". It must be okay.....:D. I didn't realize earlier.
Hope you found what you wanted Anooj:)
Sorry, my mistake. I 've been missing the last 4 posts, as every 3-4 hrs I keep reading the news posts only. My god, losing the kaushik, manofernando, square_wave, arun malur and hemantwaghe - thx guys , I've been missing u guys posts.

I bought a Chinese for 290 recently and waiting for one of friend to cme from USA. I googled a lot mano, I just wanted to enquire if these were available in India. Since, our members invest so much in their equipments, thi sseemed a possibility and someone could help.../

thx guys!!!:)
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