suggestion needed on front channel speakers for pioneer VSX 516


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Jan 21, 2008
I've got a pioneer VSX516 amp and would like to setup a 5.1 speaker system.
i'm not sure about the kind of front channel speakers to choose.
my budget is upto 20k.
i'll place them in my hall which is of size 6.5m*3.5m.

please provide some suggestions...
Have you heard Monitor Audio BR2? Seems like a good start. You can add the rest of the speakers from that family later.

If you are keen on floorstanders consider the Mordaunt Short Avant 914i or 906i (latter is slightly above 20k).

If you prefer something warm, try the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1. You should be able to get a pair for the fronts as well as the 9.CC center speaker for around 20k.
thank you very much for the idea!.
i think i can check for this monitor audio.
just one more curious question. i visited the bose show room and experienced this bose 301.but i read in several reviews that bose is not so good as its marketed to be. do you have any comment on this product?
Sorry but I do not have much experience with Bose. I know it is not fair to make sweeping generalisations about a brand but the few Bose speakers I have listened to have struck me as vastly overpriced given its performance. I don't know if this holds true for the 301 but I would say companies like Mordaunt-Short and Wharfedale offer some truly value-for-money products that compare favourably with more expensive competitors.

You have not mentioned which city you are in. If you are in Chennai then Welcome to The Audio People : Chennai Premiere high - end hi-fi Shop are distributors for Monitor Audio in India. If you are in Mumbai, do contact NOVA AUDIO PVT. LTD. for an audition.

Happy auditioning.
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