Suggestions for 2 channel DIY builds


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Oct 16, 2021
Hello folks,

I am not a complete noob, but still mostly clueless about most of audio technicalities. I am interested in making two types of systems for indoor home use.

1. A low to mid-powered 2 channel speaker system with a woofer, mid-range speaker and tweeter and powered by a DIY amplifier.
I want it to play music in a large hall or perhaps a secondary use as PC speakers in a smaller 14x10 ft room. My PC's Creative 5.1 is getting too old and audio quality is not that great. For it I need suggestions and possible sources for purchase in Delhi. I am not a huge audiophile and just want some good sound experience without it being too loud or expensive. I listen to all types of music, but I am partial to heavy metal, rock and instrumental.
  1. Drivers. Is Ahuja good enough for home use or should I look for something else? I've searched online and just got confused by so many brands.
  2. Speaker enclosures. Are there any good vendors in Delhi?
  3. I want the amplifier/receiver to be a class-D or AB type which can take input from bluetooth as well as USB and audio-in cable. Any suggestions? I can do some basic soldering and follow some circuit diagrams.
2. A PAM8403 powered bluetooth speaker system for home use
It will be used mostly for playing Indian type music in a mid sized room. I don't want to add batteries and should be portable if possible.
  1. I have a pair of these amplifier boards with stereo output from an older project lying around and was wondering if a small music system made out of these will sound well without that passive sheet/baffle(?). Will 8403 be enough to power 3-4 ohm, 3 inch speakers? Again, any suggestions for brand and/or source?
  2. Any suggestion for an enclosure?

Thank you for your time.
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