Suggestions for a tiny Speaker setup


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Mar 3, 2008

This is for a small DVD system my sister uses by a taiwan brand "jenstar" ..hehe sister of kenstar:),
the unit is small micro like system with 1 chip amp , two speakers 8" tall
fitted with 5" woofer.

i know its not a hi Q product ... but the speakers etc were reasonably good like sony micro systems made with MDF ...front is total black glossy finish,

the problem is the speaker sound have become boomy and muddy now ,
Please suggest any tiny pair of speakers upto 6.5k a replacement

i am thinking of M-audio Studio Pro set moniors 6.5k online ....[has in built amp]

any other suggestions?

Kaushik my suggestion would be to go for a powered speakers as you have decided and not for a passive/regular at any cost !!

The Chip will not be able to bring the best in any new passive speakers that you may want to partner with !!

One more thing,How did it all of a sudden started sounding like that ?? didn't you notice that in the beginning ?? coz this cannot happen all of a sudden !!

Aslo if booming sound is the cause of concern,I suggest you to stuff some polyfiber or glasswool into the speaker which will kill the resonance and make it sound bit better !!

If you need any help please do let me know !!

Thanks Soundsgreat,

In fact the same Idea was rooting in my brain too...i have polyfill pillow will try.[before spending on a new pair for 6.5k ].i dint pay much attention as these were sister's stuff..:) day she reports me soo ... my DIY mind is working now..

Also do you think ,l fitting a crossover like the one used in " Zaphs bargain minis" will help ? I have a small pair of DAINTY DOME TWEETERS[ok Quality for that ..i hope]
Altec Lansing MX5021. I've heard the Studio Pros and they are not good value for money in India. They should really be priced at 3-4 grand. All M-Audio products are ridiculously overpriced in India.

Kaushik I didn't quite get the idea :confused: !! The use of crossover is fine but what that has to do with the tweeter ? is the speaker not having one at present ??

Please do elaborate on the same for me to help you in this regard !!

If possible please do post a pic of the speaker for evaluation ! one imp thing do overfill the speakers with fiber as it can make the sound the really flat and dead !! also tell me whether these are ported one's or what ??

Hi soundsgreat,

i am sorry i forgot to mention that the old tweeters are pretty poor at high freq response,so thought the "dainty" ones i can include.After that some sort of
tuning ...etc...i wait here for all peoples suggestions

I am attaching Pictures and a 2D image to give some rough idea...

please suggest along with polyfill , can i add a crossover ...???:D


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Kaushik,now its clear ! but do you find the dainty better then the original ?? if so then go ahead and change ! but will fitting be proper ?coz I see in the pic that they've tried to give a ribbon tweeter feel to the faceplate of the tweeter ! so check that ! also if its a false faceplate and the original is hidden at the back then nothing to worry !!

I suppose you can add a crossover ! it will marginally improve but not to that great extent for the simple reason,if the mid/woofer or the driver used for it is not a mid and is full range then by cutting the frequency you doing more harm then good !! so have to study that and then only go for a crossover !

If you have any major issues just bring it to me I'll try to sort it out for you !!

u can check out audioengine a2 - active speakers...

thank you for the suggestion...AudioEngine ..speakers are good but the price 9999Rs ..seems to be out of budget [6.5k max] for now .:(.
soon in future i will try to acquire...these pairs

as M-Audio pairs also got bad reviews ..

Now i will go by the DIY way shape the sound output ... as suggested by soundsgreat..
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