Suggestions for Active or Powered Speakers for Desktop PC


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Nov 6, 2013
Hi Friends,

I am actually planning to move away from Logitech Z906 to avoid long wires and cluttering of wires so wanted to take your opinion on some good set of speakers which can be added to my PC. I do have a Topping DX3 Pro DAC as well as Yamaha WXC 20 which I can use with an Active Speaker and subwoofer but really want to sure that making the right investment. Budget - Upto Rs 60,000.

Saw some good reviews about Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers but please feel free to share your inputs on the same as was planning to combine Kanto YU6 with their own subwoofer Kanto sub8 Powered Subwoofer. If there are any other better options then please feel free to suggest or share..personally like the Bass effect for Music and Gaming. The PC will be used for Music as well as Gaming both.

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions....

With your budget I'd suggest that you look at a pair of:

- Kali Audio IN5 (3-way) Active Speakers (about 70k)
- Adam Audio T7V Active Speakers (about 50k)
- Adam Audio T5V Active Speakers (about 39k)
- Kali Audio LP6 Active Speakers (about 32K)

A pair of good balanced cables should run you about 2 - 2.5k for a 3 meter length. If your Topping DAC has balanced outs, you should take advantage of that.

With the last two options above, you'll have some funds left over that you can put towards a subwoofer later (if you'd like). For desktop use with medium levels, all these speakers by themselves produce enough bass. You could also use the money saved to get a pair of stands that will let you position the speakers better (and save space on the desktop).

I use a pair of Adam T5Vs (on stands) with a Adam T10S subwoofer in my home office. The subwoofer was not really necessary (and is too much for my small to medium size room), but it does add to the experience very much. These smaller Adams (T5Vs with a 5" midwoofer) have better midrange than the larger Adams (the T7vs and the T8Vs). But with the T7V or the T8V you can really skip getting a subwoofer, unless you're a basshead.
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