Suggestions for Lcd & Plasma


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Aug 31, 2006
Hey! I require suggestions for an 32-37inch Lcd/plasma for a bedroom & 40-45 Inch plasma/lcd for the living room.
I have been recently visiting many dealers for a similiar purchse.

I have narrowed down my choice to:

Sharp Aquos 32" or Sony Bravia LCD

Panasonic 40" Plasma TH-42PA50

Also it depends on your budget. It would be easier to recommend you if you have a budget in mind.
Well have been surveying LCD & Plasmas for more than a week, really good LCD are damm expensive and cost around 2 lakhs, these are the one with really good colours and better contrast ratio, the cheapres one are there with less contrast ration and colours,

As far as plasmas are concerned as of now i will put money on them as the pciture is more real , give pure blacks and moving image blur is not there, life of plasma is around 60 k hours similar to an LCD .

Best Plasma TVs as per my survey are Panasonic 42 inches cost 89 K and then 42RC7 model from samasung which cost 73K , samsung has another high end model palsma that has better resolutino and cost around 10 to 15k more,

As i already have a projection Tv at home, i understand how plasmas are great as home theatres and night viewing , as they give even better pictures in a dark room, plus plasmas also have a wide viewing angle .

As far as lcds are concerned u need ample light in the room to watch them, as they are very bright, they dont show pure black colours and are more on grey side, contrast is high , and good oens are really expensive

Conclusion -
If u want good picture and value for money -

U can get a 42 inch plasma . same 42 inches LCd will cost above 1 lakh, that also with low contrast raion than a plasma and smaller viewing angle
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