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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hey brothers

today i was fiddling with interenet for more subwoofer companies review and i found one more company which got superb review for subwoofer named sunfire

what your thoughts on it and do anybody ever listened to them
I know sunfire for its AV amps
Company founded by legandry bob carver
Bob Carver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is like harman beefy american sound -IMHO ,you may like it!:eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah:

Distributed in India through audio people

Welcome to The Audio People : Chennai Premiere high - end hi-fi Shop

Welcome to The Audio People : Chennai Premiere high - end hi-fi Shop

The Audio People
"Anmol - Palani"
88, G. N. Chetty Road,
T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017, India

Tel : 00 91 44 42125999
Fax : 00 91 44 42125899

This is only info I can gather!!
Sunfire equipment is gorgeous to look at but outrageously expensive. As I was not in the market for such expensive equipment I never did audition it, I am afraid.

Maybe Venkat might have?
Maybe Venkat might have?

Nope. When I got the Hsu VTF2, I lost interest in all subs. Comparatively I find them all booming.

Sunfire's Indian prices are atrocious. At those prices, I am sure there are lot of other good subs.

Sunfire imho is top notch in terms of price, performance and is a audiophile brand name. you cant go wrong if you have the money.

Although their electronics are more famous than their subwoofers.
Hi Manu,
Read your knowing of sunfire sub and other products of sunfire. Boss i do have a 11" sub which i had purchased for 1.27 lac and its 2700 Watts. I had bought for my 5.1 system but now i am only on 2 channel stereo so i would like to sell it for 1.0 lac its a great sub and sound is awesome, anyone intreasted may contact me, I am in mumbai. It is about 6 months old.
gettin a sub DIY'd.... after hunting hi and lo!

1] Professional 21 inch Low frequency Driver with high sensitivity

2] 2500W RMS Class-D amplifier

3] Discrete Balanced Class-A 2 way LR X-over with inbuilt EQ for Sub

4] Enclosure is made with slotted multiple chamber bracing scheme using 18mm premium marine-grade plywood

5] Textured black Duracoat outer finish
That sounds a great sub. How much does it cost and did you get a demo? Are you getting this for music or for HT? Are you going for any room correction? Pls pm me if you are ok with sharing details of the seller and include in a group buy.
this is custom made, so no demo practical.

primarily for music.

room correction would be eventual.

pl. google zypher+avepa for more details.
Hello friends,

I have Sunfire TSEQ12 signature Subwoofer in my set up. This is one of the best top end Subwoofers. The bass is very tight that too with Auto Eq correction the performance is amazing. Given its size of 13" cube with 2700 watts of Tracking down converter power this is the only sub with so much of power comparatively with less power consumption and heat production.

In fact when I upgraded my front speakers with B&W 804S my previous sub went vanishing and lost its presence though being one of the bigger subs (Jamo D6). Hence I had the option of B&W ASW 855 /850 or Sunfire TSEQ. Luckily I could get my hands on TSEQ (don't ask me how much I paid :rolleyes:).

Still I am looking for B&W ASW 855 or 850 and would like to have an audition with that in my system and want to decide which one to keep. The reason is whole of my system is with B&W package

Front 804S, Center HTM3 S, Surround SCM1 and Surround Back SCM1.

My system is driven by Sunfire TGA 7400 power amp (Earlier I had Sunfire TGR III receiver, one and only high power receiver, which I sold in the recent past) and the weakest link of my chain is my processor Emotiva UMC 1, which I want to upgrade with Rotel RSP 1570/1572 or Cary Audio Cinema12.

On the whole to say my experience with Sunfire is great and quiet satisfying. Even the present TGA 7400 Power Amp has got the full grunt and I am yet to tap its full potential ( I don't want to throw my costly speaker package in to peril)

Has anyone in this forum got any leads for my above requirements please PM me.

Thanks and Regards

R. Balagopalan
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