Surround Back & Surround Centre Icons on 7.1 Blu Ray


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Dec 17, 2007
Hi, I don't really know where to post this, just hope someone can help.....
I was watching Death Race on Blu Ray which offers 7.1 DTS HD. Although my receiver is 7.1 (Pioneer vsx lx51), my speaker set up is 5.1. Throughout the movie, I was getting a small white icon on the top right corner of the tv mentioning the missing speakers SC (surround centre) & SB (surround back). This icon does not appear on blu rays having 5.1 audio (hd or non hd). Please let me know how to get rid of the icon as its extremely bugging.
You can check "Display" options on your player / receiver. One of them should be to switch off the icons.

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There will be an option to switch off your Surr. Back speakers.

go to speaker config and select the Surr. Back speakers as none.

Good luck!!!
thats right, you should run the speaker setup option in your receiver and switch off those speakers. all this time you were losing some effects because of the absense of those speakers. once you set up to 5.1, your receiver will downmix the signal to 5.1. or alternatively , i think you can select 5.1 in audio options in your disk player when you play your disk.
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