Tatasky With Onkyo Ht-sr800 And Lg Tv - Connection Option


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May 21, 2008
Hi Friends,
I am new to the forum and I have installed my new Onkyo HT-SR800 last evening. During the course of installation, I came upon this issue.
1. My TV has only one composite input (AV).
2. I do not want to keep my AV receiver switched on, when we are watching only TV (the useless serials etc). This prevents unnecessary power consumption and heating up.
3. There is a possibility that I may switchon the AV receiver for some music based TV programs or channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, where the background music is good.
I own a Tatasky STB, which has composite video-audio o/p and a RF output as well. I have connected the composite AV on the STB to the Onkyo receiver. This will take care of the situation 3 mentioned above. I just select the AV button on the TV remote to view the programs.
For viewing the television programs, like in scenario 2, I have connected the STB and the TV using a RF cord directly. For this I just go the scan mode in the TV, store the channel and then view the program.
Can I have multiple connections like this? Please let me know whether I will face any issues. As of now, when I view the programs directly, bypassing the AV receiver, I am disconnecting the composite cables from the STB, which I feel may not be necessary. Please guide me, if I am correct. Can I have both (composite and RF)physically connected always with the equipments without any issues? I know that composite video-audio gives a better experience, but I do not want to keep the AV receiver unnecessarily switched on.
An early feedback would be highly appreciated.
Ram Mohan P
I've faced the exact same problem. For many months I've had the STB (not Tata Sky) connected to the TV via RF cable and to the AVR (now amp) via RCA audio cable. Briefly I tried routing audio through the TV - by connecting "audio out" from STB to the TV, then from TV's "audio out" to the amp. As you can guess the sound quality dips quite a bit. So its back to RF -> TV, L/R audio -> Amp. I've been doing this for a long time and there haven't been any problems.
Thanks for the quick reply.
This means that the two connections <1> STB-RF TO TV-RF and <2> STB-COMPOSITE TO AVR can co-exist, without having the need to disconnect one of them. Am I right?
Also my TV does not have AV-out-so there is no question of me running cables from TV to AVR as the input for the AVR
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