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Mar 15, 2009

saw these put up for sale recently - felt they were terrible, but the man selling them felt they were really good because they had "solid bass" at low volume>:)

i remember hearing these very same speakers when i was a teen-ager
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Suri you auditioned it? Have you seen it in Mumbai? As I was offered this over phone.
How good or bad are these?
This kind of speakers ... It's very rare to find one in India for sale. Unless & until the seller gets a satisfying replacement. I have seen it with few guys who own this kind of speaker and they are extremely happy with it's performance for the price they have paid.

It really works well even with most of the entry level amplifiers and I have found the bass produced by these speakers dosen't boom and the mid's & high's are decent.

PS: Hi suri ... Hope you are doing good :)
@ hemantwaghe,

i heard those speakers yesterday - impressions - excessive bass, and the bass tends to be "dhuk dhuk" - everything is clearly "dhuk dhuk" - the treble is on the shrill side and the "ssss" sound ends with a screechy metallic tail.

clearly, this is a speaker that people will buy if they want to listen to music to set up a soft mood and do other things, for background listening, for seduction of consensual partner (nowadays girl is luring the boy), while doing kitchen work etc. - the music is lush and clear.

@ramesh, the speakers are decent and much better than the sansui speakers of yore, but they do sound boxy - yes the bass is clear at low volumes but tends to get out of hand when the volume control goes beyond 10 o'clock - and to make listening tolerable, the equalizer has to be used.

Suri, remember the conversation we had about such speakers:)?

My neighbour had such speakers around 15 years ago and it came with an integrated amplifier and a tape-deck from the same series. They were too big to be called bookeshelves and too fat and short to be called a floor-stander. I used to be a teen ager than and my memory of these was similar to what you have mentioned. These were extremely sensitive and the 12 inch woofer would go really low. Anything above 10'clock postiion would fill his room (12x10 ft IIRC)and not so warm. Those days, favourite test track was Enigma - Mea Culpa:p. The bass used to be very clear at low volumes and treble was sharp and metallic.

I may not like them today but still have fond memories of these. Strangely, I can still remember the sound signature of these speakers. Other similar speakers that comes to my mind are Sansui and Cosmic. These were in use mostly in cd->tape recording shops and invariably the shops used to have the combination mentioned below:

Technics Double Cassete Deck
Sony\Philips CDP
Pulz Equaliser
Norge Amplifiers

If they did not have atleast 2 of the above, I would not risk giving my specially sourced TDK-AD60 tapes for recording to them:lol:. Towards the end of my tape days, I used to go to Shankar Audio in Malleshwaram 8th Cross and sometimes to Bobby Anand of Rhythms (St.Marks Road). Anybody in Bangalore remembers?

I'll stop now as I am going nostalgic and OT:).
Suri sir so you say that you should avoid it or good for average listening of soft rock ,some hard rock,old hindi nos etc?
I'll be dring them with 80-100 W rms amp and cd player.....

Also or I should go for Lithos Noa 1? Any comparison of both?
Suri sir so you say that you should avoid it or good for average listening of soft rock ,some hard rock,old hindi nos etc?
I'll be dring them with 80-100 W rms amp and cd player.....

Also or I should go for Lithos Noa 1? Any comparison of both?

hi hemantwaghe, those speakers will be excellent for old hindi numbers (you can defeat/push up treble and midrange according to the recording and make it sound better, and should be good for country/soft rock - but will not be good for percussion /jazz.

i have not heard the lithos noa 1 - but i am certain that you will get the technics for about Rs. 4000/- ? at that price, and if you have the space, probably a good bargain to listen to old hindi songs.

I have heard too many speakers of ths catagory. Sansui, Pioneer, Kenwood. Fischer etc...
These type of speakers were a rage among the audio enthusiasts (not audiophiles) in the eighties. They are badly compromised designs with lot of boom and exaggerated bass, shrill treble and mostly recessed mid range.

Clearly not aimed at the audiophile.;)

Like Suri noted, the equalizers which comes with these kind of "rack" systems are actually a necessity to tweak the sound to each album or taste of the listener. It was a gimmick. Most folks thought is was a value addition. And that included me too in the eighties. Have seen too many of these in the "foreign returned" uncle's houses. Full rack systems with an adjoining bar counter. The wine glasses shake and bang against each other when the volume is raised. This was a very popular demo of an uncle of mine who had imported a full Sansui rack from the middle east.:D

The companies made some select models/gear for the audiophile but I am not sure if this is one of them.
Had A pair of these when i was a teenager they gave me excellent service for abt 20 yrs

if im not mistaken the model was SB 700 / 800 series and they were called the honeycomb disc speakers as the cones were flat and they also had a level control for the high , Mid fq and a overload circuit to protect the speakers
as for specfications they were approx 100 rms if im not mistaken i may still have the owers manual
My personal opnion these speakers served me well and they did have good bass & the highs were little on the sharper side

By the way i still have the amp tht powered these babies up it is the SUV 6X Technics another brillant amp and it still works fine
I had similar Cosmic speakers with dual 10 inch woofers. During those days important thing was how much furniture was shaking due to the bass produced :p
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