The Best Speakers for Laptop


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Sep 20, 2008
Hi everyone.

I have been using the Altec MX 5021 for my Laptop and was very much satisfied with the performance. Unfortunately there was some short circuit and the system couldnt work properly now. I am looking for a new speaker for my laptop and wanted to know are there any other good choice out there like the Altec MX 5021. I can spend upto 1.2 K and wanted 2.0 or 2.1 system only.

I have read good reviews about the Audio engine A2 but havent auditioned them, but according to the reviews it seemed they are under powered.Has anyone auditioned these pair? and what are your opinion? My main purpose is for music and wanted a little heavy on the bass. My room is 18X18 foot.

Please guide me. should i get the MX 5021 again or the A2. Do I have any other good options in the market? I wanted the very best and accuracy in sound, with a power of at least 70 RMS.
By 1.2k you mean Rs. 1,200 ? For that price don't look at the Audioengine A2s....these cost about 10k in India. For that price I really don't know what you can get except for the cheapo chinese speakers. two ways about it.....check them all out of course...but i honestly doubt any of the others would have put even a fraction of that thought an design into their can almost buy it blind.....
OOOOO sorry. I meant 12000

Dude you can go in for Harman Kardon Sound sticks ii which is 2.1 multimedia speakers and its too good they will cost u 12,500 /- or you can go in for Encounter they are from JBL 60W RMS They will cost you 9,000 its value for money .
No Harman Kardon ........ soundsticks sound like crap compared to even the Klipsch Promedia 2.1.

Go for Audioengines A2's sweet reviews, no two ways about it. Im going to save up and buy the Audioengine A5 soon.
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