Tips for making a dedicated home theatre


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Nov 3, 2007
Dedicated Home Theatre Tips

How to go about it

1) Figure out how much space you're willing to sacrifice for your home-theatre.

2) Do not let aesthetics rule over sound quality when you're making design decisions. Keep it at 50-50.

3) Shop for your furniture only once your room has been completely constructed, which means after even the wiring has been laid out.

4) Try to keep a general idea of the equipment you'd want to put in your home-theatre but don't finalize anything, otherwise you'll land up building your room around your system which can really limit your designing choices.

5) Most importantly, be ready for self-sacrifice and keep your eye on your final goal at all times. You don't want to give-up half-way; you'll have neither the room that your started with nor the home-theatre you wanted to end up with.

Market tips

1) Expensive doesn't always mean better. There's plenty of cheap material that you can substitute for the real expensive acoustic stuff, cutting down your budget by nearly 1/4 th.

2) Take you time with selecting equipment. You don't want to be unsatisfied with a pair of speakers after 2 weeks because you didn't realize the bass reflex port makes vibrating noises.

3) Always bargain. Most of the the stuff you'll be buying, be it acoustic material, projector screens, etc, is always open for negotiations no matter what that salesman might be telling you. Plus, there aren't too many people who're interested in projector screens on a daily basis, so he'd much rather negotiate than have you walk out of the door.

4) It's always a good idea to get a second opinion from an audio engineer or a trusted audiophile before your finalize your equipment for your home-theatre. Show him/her your room and then show them the gear you intend on buying.

The installation part

1) Get a trained professional to do your installation. Here's where spending some extra money actually does do wonders.

2) Figure out a wiring plan with your designer (if you have a designer) before your actually go about doing it. In-fact drawing out a wiring picture of your room even before construction helps a great deal, as you can build everything around that plan.

3) Give your subwoofer a place that won't be touched and fiddled around with because this component is the hardest to place in your room.

4) Don't keep anything, not even your DVD shelf, between the front speakers and you.

5) It is very important that you don't have random people touching your centralized remote as that controller is a very complex one and even a minute setting that's been changed on it can be a real head-ache trying to undo.

6) Your door should be very strong, with sturdy joints so that it doesn't vibrate with the bass frequencies as the levels can get very loud while watching a film.

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Vinay! you are THE man!

Well written document bro. It will definitely help new comers who dare to set up their own HT heaven.
I must tell you that you have written the right words, who dare to set up their HT heaven, indeed the real dare is required on so many fronts, keeping in mind with the details which are mentioned here-in, and the massive details which are given in the 2 magazines, the 3rd magazine will be out in January, that too will have more details about the dare, and my view line.

I must say people like you and a few others on this site, had i known you'll before, my home theatre would have been more better, because i would have got so much of knowledge from you people.

Hi Vinay,

Your home theatre looks really beautiful. May I ask you about who you worked with in terms of buying the equipment and installation?

Dimple, indeed my mini theatre is very good, i have seen pictures of atleast 20 home theatres, out of them, i feel my theatre is the best, otherwise it would have not featured in 4 magazines, i have made the theatre with most of my inputs, in small cases i have taken professional help. I also read a lot of magazines, and went on various sites, which helped me to decide on things.

In my experience i have seen that to get professional help is very difficult, i found several of them as cheats and related.

If you would like to know something more than please do write to me.

I thank you for wirting to me.

Dear Friend, the pictures are allready there in the blogs, at the home page.

I have seen some of your writings, you have a good knowledge.

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