Troubleshooting remotes with Mobile phones


New Member
Aug 23, 2006
Hello All,
I just want to share this information which I found out from a TV program.

If your remote control for TV/CD/AVR... is not working, you can check if it is really transmitting any IR signals using your mobile phone camera.

Just switch on the camera and point the remote towards the camera while pressing any button of the remote.

If the remote is working, you should see the LED blinking through the camera. (I believe the mobile phone camera is IR sensitive).

This works with IRDA ports of Laptops and mobiles also.

If you already know this method, please ignore this post.


I just tried it out. It's amazing how distinct the LED is against any backdrop. I knew that the CMOS sensors of cheaper (mobile) cameras have a sharp sensitivity peak near the IR wavelengths since Silicon is sensitive for near-IR light. However, I had no idea how prominent this effect is. Thanks for a useful tip !
This is a pretty known trick which has been discussed in other threads. However this thread will help many who haven't read those threads. You can create a night vision camera by using a few IR LEDS to 'illuminate' the room.
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