Unable to use HDMI-ARC with my new AVR


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Nov 4, 2021
Dear friends,

I've recently bought Yamaha YHT-3072 HTIB and connected with my smart TV (Samsung ua43ru7470uxxl) using STB's HDMI cable connected to both AVR & TV's HDMI Arc. However I'm unable to stream tv audio to AVR.

When I go to audio output settings in my tv, it shows only 3 options- Tv speaker, Optical and Bluetooth. HDMI Arc is missing in this option, which seems unusual. On going further into settings, HDMI Anynet CEC is enabled on tv, still only 3 audio output methods are being displayed.

When I connect fire tv stick to HDMI 1 of AVR & stream to TV on HDMI ARC, it works superbly.

Bought the system 2 days ago from local store with Bill, and currently out of station for Diwali holidays. Had communicated to the store owner over Video Call and he asked to buy new good HDMI Cable. I don't think that is the issue. Haven't asked for installation from them yet as they charge Rs. 2500/- for the same, instead done setup myself dummily the same night just to check out the system in excitement as I had to leave for hometown next day.

Had enabled HDMI arc in AVR, and output to Audio 1 in AVR as suggested by store owner. Still not working.

What should I do? Is my tv at fault or is it AVR or HDMI cable needs to be changed? Please guide friends.


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Oct 14, 2020
Come back from your hometown and try with toslink (optical) and change HDMI cable and do other trial and errors. It will work later. ARC sometimes gives you problems and later for no apparent reasons would work like a charm.


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Nov 9, 2019
It seems like a problem with the TV. You can try the following:
  1. Make sure ARC is enabled on the AVR. If the TV doesn't detect ARC compatible device on the other end, it may not show the option
  2. Make sure you have used the port on the TV which supports ARC. Usually only one port will support ARC
  3. Make sure the cable is of good quality and supports ARC. HDMI is a bit confusing in this regard. Some cables might not support ARC. suggest you look for an 18 Gbps cable. This would support 4k @ 60 Hz, Atmost sound, et al. Even better if you could borrow it from someone and test before spending on it. If not, check Bluerigger on Amazon.
  4. Reset your TV and apply updates if available. Check samsung's website for updates as well.
You can also try contacting customer support. Most likely you won't get a proper response, but it's worth a shot. My TV supposedly supports Dolby Digital and DD+. But there's no option for audio passthrough on ARC. I only get 2 channel PCM output through ARC. I have a VU TV, contacted CS, they did respond and gave me a software patch. In the end, it didn't work, but they did try to help.
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