upgradable 2.1 speakers

Arun Prasad

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Feb 22, 2009
Chennai, India
hi. i am from chennai..
first of all i dont know anything about speakers.. i want to build a decent 5.1 home theater system in future. but now i really need a powerful speakers for my computer for both movie & music. so plz suggest some 2.1 speakers which can be used as part of my home theater system in near future. budget is under 15k (only for speakers). is AV receiver necessary for that 2.1 speakers to connect with computer?
You can use a good quality computer multimedia speakers (Altec Lancing/Creative/Logitech) with your AV Receiver through the Head Phones output and setting the AVR to STEREO or PUREDIRECT mode but with these speakers you can never ever get the feel of a true HT setup.

For a true HT effect you have to go for a 5.1 Bookshelves setup or a Floorstanding/Bookshelf combo setup. My suggestion is, plan your budget to 30K, buy a pair of good floorstanders within 20-23K and buy a used 2 channel amplifier within 7k.

Connection Method:
Connect one of the inputs of the 2 channel amplifier (CD or AUX) to your computer's headphones output jack. (for this a cord is available in computer shops - one end will be the stereo headphones pin and the other end will be two RCA male jacks). Finally connect your floorstanders to the amplifiers speaker output terminals.

With this setup you can enjoy a superb sound quality from your computer. Later on when you start building your true HT setup with an AV Receiver you can use the same speakers as fronts in your HT setup. You can sell-off the 2 channel amplifier or if you have budget you can buy a pair of small bookshelves and use it in place of the floorstanders in your computer or you can use it as a stereo setup in your living room of bedroom.

Ramesh @ Bangalore
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