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Using experience of Topping amplifier

Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers


New Member
Jul 29, 2014
united states
It is very similar to TP30 in appearance, but in reality, its functionality is close to TP32 with no display (LEDs as state indicators) and no remote, but with ~20% more power (12V vs. 14V power supply), higher resolution 96K/24 DAC. Same as TP32 : Separate Headphone amp (dual amps), digital controls, auto on/off via USB, kind of important when used with computer and it does work. 96K/24 DAC is good for someone with 96K/24 music collection, otherwise it will put more load on CPU (~1%) to handle up conversion without much of any benefits for 44K/16 music collection.

Some difference on DAC implementation (TP32 vs. VX1):
1. TP32 allows volume level adjustment on computer and amp. VX1 allows to change volume level on amp and OS on Windows, on Mac you cannot adjust volume on OS, mute works though.
2. TP32 allows frequency adjustments: 48K|44K|32K/16. VX1 is hard set to 96K/24.

It is great unit, if you need little bit more power to drive less efficient speakers or larger room. The volume level wise - VX1 will give you same volume level @ 50% vs. TP30/TP32 @ 60%.

For reference (TP32 w/Micca MB42X via USB DAC): Bob Acri "Tribute To Buddy" will deliver crystal clear sound @ 85% Volume @ 3.5ft: average @78db, peaks @86db.

Another improvement: VX1 power LED is "breathing" when computer/amp is sleeping, TP32 has no indication of sleeping - it just turns amp and display off - it simply has nothing to "show off" during sleep :).

Just an observation, Topping amps seem to have less sensitive inputs and most likely the correct sensitivity levels. Input levels are also consistent between Analog vs. USB. For example, Lepai LP2020A+ seems to have more sensitive inputs, but then you will overload amp at high volume levels easily. No way you will listen to Lepai @ 85% volume level, amount of distortion will force you to back off the volume level.

Little bit of advise: do not cheap out on speaker wire - use 14-gauge Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire.

I am using VX1 paired with Pioneer SP-BS22-LR via USB DAC in the small office, so far I am very happy. TP32 had some trouble to keep up with Pioneer with its puny 15WPC. VX1 matches Pioneers perfectly and I have no reason to push volume above 50% level. A great pair.

BTW, I have tried to swap power supply on TP32 (14V), but it did not have any effect in output level. Save yourself time, do not bother with 14V PS on 12V gears. Internal voltage regulator will lover 14V to 12V, so it is pointless.