Video Processors vs HTPC

Tuhin Lavania

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Nov 20, 2018
Ankleshwar, Gujarat
Hello Guys,
Im confused which one to get. A Video processor like the MadVR Envy / Lumagen ( 5348 mostly ) or a HTPC with a 3080 or a 3090 ( most probably ) card.

Now i need external video processing for basically two things.
1. Tone Mapping for HDR
2. Aspect Ratio detection

For the first one, i have the NX 7 which does a very good job of tone mapping HDR content but i hear/read a lot of people saying the DTM done by the Envy and the Lumagen is way ahead of what the onboard processing of the JVC provides. I have never seen both working together, personally to see the difference but ive seen the pictures and yeah it might not be a great idea to figure differences by seeing pictures but still there is a lot of difference.

For the second, which is the most important one, i have a 2.35 screen. Now 16:9 movies are a pain to watch on this screen. I need something that can fill the entire 2.35 screen without any image spillage outside the screen, thus fitting the screen perfectly. Now i know this takes a slight hit in the resolution but thats fine for me. It can be resolved by adding a DCR lens but thats later.

These two factors are important for me while purchasing a Video processor. Now i want to know if this can be resolved easily with the help of a HTPC running a MadVR software. I know the HTPC can do DTM but can it do Auto Aspect Ratio detection like the Lumagen or the Envy easily ?

I prefer to buy a PC as it will be cheap and can be used as a Gaming machine. I can get a 3090 or a 3080 and thats good enough. Im out of PC scene since 11 years now and i game on consoles now but want to switch back to PC. ( Doom Eternal made me want a PC so much )
A HTPC will be cumbersome to use for the above said factors, but im saving a lot of money by not going for a dedicated video processor. And the main question is, how much tough is using a HTPC compared to a Video processor ?

Any inputs, please.
Thank You.


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Aug 1, 2021
hi i am altaf from mumbai. i have been using htpc with mpc hc and madvr for a year now. came to this forum for research and help on some issues. if u need any help pls message me
<deleted contact details.. Pls use DM>

by the way i frogot to tell you that even i am a proud owner of jvc nx7
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