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Volume settings - AV Receiver and integrated amplifier connection

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May 2, 2015
I have a Marantz AV SR6003 receiver and a Arcam a38 integrated amplifier. For music I directly use Arcam and for movies I am using the AV receiver.

The AV receiver's front left and right pre-outs are connected to integrated amplifier's inputs. Integrated amp has two functional modes - As an integrated amp or simply act as a power amp.

Per my preferences, In Arcam's power AMP mode connection, the sound goes loud but the sound is way more harsh and lacks musicality.

In integrated AMP mode, the sound output is quite low but is very pleasing to ears. Due to this, the volume level on Arcam have to be set very high: -5 DB on a -72 till 0 DB on reference scale.

Queries -

- Is setting integrated amp's volume too high introduces distortion?
- Is is ok to keep it at this high a level for too long? I doesn't get too actually.
- What if I keep the volume to highest level, i.e 0 DB in this case. Theoretically volume control is done in the preamp section, which will get by passed perhaps on this setting. Is it again an issue in terms of sound quality?