wharfedale diamond 8.3 ??


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Jan 23, 2008
Dear Members,
Pl suggest whether diamond 8.3 from wharfedale is good buy considering the model has been phased out and rarely available. The advantage is it may carry nice discount if I can get through some source...What is the present price and how it performs as front ones for 5.1 applications ....??
If any one owns such a pair, pl put in some comments on it after burn-in..
Eagerly waiting for your valuable feedbacks on the above...
Thanks in advance..
I have owned Diamond 8 center speaker for 5 years and they were good for a small to medium room size, at that time the price I got them for was 9k but now as I have upgraded my entire setup I sold the same for 4k.
Hi Diplomat,

I currently use 8.3 as fronts for my Onkyo3100. Of all the wharfedale i heard in this price range i preferred the 8.3 for its warm sound(also size since my HT room is smaller). They made a great difference with my existing setup. I have tried it with an CA340 amp and it sounded great even without a dedicated sub(subjective as i prefer just the right amount of bass). IMO they are complete VFM.

Hi diplomat,

Pro musicals had a demo pair for discount when i purchased my 9.2s. You can try them to see if they are still available.

Dear Sri,
Its the same one from pro musical I am talking about. Did you had a demo of those units.. Suggest me what best can be paid if the units are ok and is it really worth taking such demo units.... Not being from Chennai, I will bend upon your advice as its not easy to go many times there.

Dear Susan,
How much you paid for your units and from where u had it in chennai? Did you fill up sand inside the tower as suggested on net.... Pl share ur views on its performance for movies and music...
Nope i didnt fill sand into the speakers(i knew it could be done but i was scared to do it). I got it for about 15k from Grand Cinema (got 10 mtrs DAC 16 AWG free) almost 6 months back.

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