wharfedale diamond 9.6for 2 ch audio


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Jul 1, 2008
hai, i am looking for wh diamond 9.6 for my 2 ch audio, my amp is yamaha MX1000U & preamp is CX 1000U, what about ur openon?for this high wattage amp setup which is better more sensitivity or less sensitivity like dynes? ANY SUGGETION
What is the present price of wh 9.6 in chennai or hyderabad ?

The Yamaha amp seems to be very old. Made in 1988? Can you give us the specs for the amp - wattage, impedance, etc? If you have the manual, the specs will be in the last few pages.

The Wharfedale 9.6 will cost around 40K

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I purchased a pair of Wharfedale 9.6 speakers for Rs.36k less a 10% discount last month from Vector, Hyd. Excellent place to buy good products. I use the speakers as part of my 7.1 setup. The sound in a 2 channel stereo setup also is great.

Hi Srinivas,

Its on the right side as you come off the new flyover from Panjagutta side. It is almost near the Nagarjuna Circle.


First Floor of Lumbini Amrutha Chambers, Nagarjuna Circle, Rd. No.3, Banjara Hills.

Tel. No.040-23350099.

Contact Person: Mr. Srinivas.

hai friends thanks for reply, the yamaha MX 1000U is 260 watts rms at 8 ohms with .008 THD ,one of the TOTL amplifier and preamplifier combination at the year 1988,and you are right,

If it is really 260 watts RMS per channel, you have a brute of an amp. The 9.6 can handle a max of roughly 150Watts at 8 ohms. You will have to use to carefully with your amp.


I got 9.6 for 33.6k in Bengalooru at vector a month back. Bargain you can get it for better Price.
Hi Srinivas,

Srinivas at Vector is quite friendly. Reg the demo, I guess expect a good one. I suggest that you take CDs of the type of music you normally listen to for an audition before you make ur final decision.

The 9.6s have quite a good frequency range. Whether you'd need a subwoofer or not depends on the music u like. I have a Wharfdale Pro Cube 12+ subwoofer and am quite happy with it. Cost Rs.19k. But its in a HT setup.

I have been using the Diamond 9.6 for past 2 years mainly for listening 2 channel music. It's a wonderful speaker system for it's price. Full, warm and rich sound. I am using it with Denon AVR-2106 and have never felt the need for more power.

For most of the music content, you will not need a subwoofer. However, the output of the speakers below 35-40 Hz goes down significantly. If you are planning to play such content, then you definitely need a subwoofer.
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