Wharfedale vs. Tannoy


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Oct 13, 2009
New Delhi
Dear all

Ill make this crisp & simple.

For about 2 weeks now, i been brainstorming about 2 floorstanders, namely Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 & Tannoy F4.

My set up consists of Denon 1610, Pioneer DV-220 & a Samsung 40 inches LCD.

My room size is about 240 sq ft. & viewing/listening distance will be 10 ft. or so..

My usage is 80% Music & 20% Movies, with Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, Lounge & Commercial tastes.

I have searched all over the net for their comparison but couldnt find anything, so thought of starting this discussion right here.

Please give your opinions/experiences :)

My pick would be the 9.5 among the two. It's a very good performer and excellent value for money in its category. If flexible check out the BR5 as well.
I will prefer Tannoy any day. The mids are well defined and i like the warmth of tannoy then the wharfedale. But you should audition the speakers with your amplifier before taking a decision.
If you listen to Music 80% of the time , then why did you buy a receiver. Stereo amplifiers are better choice then the AVR for Music.
Anybody knows anyone retailing Monitors in delhi ??

also, i went for an AVR as i wanted to be future proof, i would eventually upgrade to 5.1, im sure :)
I auditioned Tannoy Mercury F4 at a showroom with a very good classical music CD with excellent dynamics, I found that Tannoy F4 is not capable to handling some parts of that music, then I dropped plans of Tannoy F4. Overall it is good, but I don't want to compromise, better spent more money and purchase better ones. I haven't heard Wharfdale speakers.

if ur budget is max 30k in that category the best FS you can get would be either Wharfe 9.5/mission M35i. Possibly stretch 2-3k and u can have Aviano 6 or Jamo 405. Another option is Q Acoustics 1030i. If you are open for BS then there is a great variety out there. I would suggest audition Quad11L2 BS along with Wharfe 9.5 and u would know the difference.
IMO the 1610 is designed to drive a satellite or a bookshelf speaker sytem at the most in a small room.
Since you've already got the amp give both speakers an audition & decide for your self.
All the best
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