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What is your subwoofer placement?

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Oct 6, 2012
My HT is a dedicated room of 13 feet width x 14.5 feet length. I sit 12.5 feet away from front wall (1.5 feet away from back wall). This is my subwoofer placement story.
My experience is that placement of a subwoofer affects low frequency experience beyond your imagination. I always knew it is important from reading various forums but to this extent, i never knew.
My first (default) placement was in the front corner. The sub would hit really hard but over time, i felt that the sub would rumble too much. In intense scenes that didn't have a lot of action (ex: prelude to action or suspense building scenes), the rumble would be unbearable. So i started doing some reading up. To replicate the problem scenario consistently i used THX demo blu ray disc and particularly the "The hunger games(2012)" scene where the leading lady runs in a hail of fire through a wooded area. This scene had consistent rumble throughout and was unbearable.
1. Front left corner - rumble was unbearable throughout, but in good scenes, the punch was terrific. No way i can live with this, will get a headache.
2. In the back corner behind the seating area - HSU research subwoofer placement guide recommends this position. Again, same result, punch was terrific but the rumble throughout the action scene is unbearable
3. Center of the back wall behind the seating area - Rumble reduced to some extent but still in the category of unbearable.
4. Center of the front wall - unfortunately my equipment rack sits in this position and i cannot do this. But i placed the sub in front of the equipment rack i.e. about 3 feet away from front wall but at the center of the wall. Results were pleasant to some extent. Punch was there, rumble was reduced but still there.
5. Center of side wall - Rumble disappeared completely but so did the punch. It was a revelation. The sub was felt, no doubt but it was not powerful. The best part was that the rumble was gone. I thought this might be the best position and i can increase the sub gain to compensate for lack of punch. I had almost decided when i went through this Velodyne guide https://velodyne.com/pdf/guides/sub_placement_guide_reva.pdf
6. One interesting placement suggested in the Velodyne guide was the 1/3rd or 1/4th distance from the front on the side wall. I placed the sub there and whoa, what a difference!!! The rumble was gone, almost completely. The punch though less than corner, was very prominent. I increased the gain and the punch was more than adequate.
I feel i'm at peace finally. Not sure how much longer, i'll continue to experiment. So where is your sub placed?


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Jul 2, 2014
Agarpara, Kolkata
Sub needs to be placed either left corner or right corner, leaving at least 1ft. space from back and 6 inch from either side of the sub ( considering it's front firing )

If it is down firing,, centre of the left and right channel speakers, is the best place to put your sub-woofer. BTW, these are all theoretical. You please keep tweaking unless you find the real sweet spot. :) :) :)


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Feb 24, 2010
In my audio system, I have two subs. Both of them are placed alongside the main speakers. The distance to the center of the subs is the same from the sitting position as to the main speakers. They are equi-distant from the rear and front walls but at a different distance from the side walls.

In my HT system, I have a single sub placed near a side wall, almost at the center of it.
Jun 5, 2013
@sash - Just got a new Jamo sub and have the same rumbling problem. I have not tried the side wall yet but have tried the other options. Will give that a shot. Can you post a pic of your set up?