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Oct 4, 2018
Setup 1 (most used): Laptop/Android Phone->iBasso DC02/Fiio M5(Type C and Bluetooth)-> in-ear earphones
Setup 2 (in bedroom, nominal use): Mi TV(Bluetooth), CCA(Optical),Auxillary ->SMSL AD18 -> Wharfedale Obsidian L-R and Polk PSW 110
Setup 3 (Patio): Bluetooth/ Auxillary input of CHiFi TPA3255 amp-> Samsung L-R (repurposed from a Samsung) and 2 Polk 8inch Subs in a DIY enclosure
Setup 4 (Kitchen): Bluetooth/ Auxillary input of CHiFi tpa3116 amp -> Micca Covo-S
Setup 5 (least used): Auxillary input ->NAD 316 and Pre Out of NAD to Crwon XLS2502 -> JBL CS762SI in DIY enclosures as L-R and 2x12inch JBL subwoofers in DIY enclosure

Please let me know your thoughts if the above Setup(s) can be mixed and matched better.
Till now whenever I used Setup 3 and 5, I would carry my phone and dongle DAC with me as I would play audio through my phone.
Now in pursuit of better SQ I am vacillating over buying a new desktop DAC so need input regarding that. I prefer listening over speakers but time and work constraints don't give me much opportunity to do it so end up doing so while working or working out. My usage scenario will remain the same, probably might get more heavy towards Laptop use, so want a device that can improve the audio of whichever setup it is put in to, be it 1 or 2 or 5.
My source is mainly FLACs stored on phone/PC or Spotify,TIDAL streaming.
Want to do the aforementioned on a budget but if solution is worth it, I can spend upto 30K. Currently I'm eyeing HPZ for Topping E30 and D50s. Have heard good reviews about Aune S8 too. Let me know my options and your views.