What speakers should i buy?


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May 25, 2008
I have just moved to Chennai.

I have a Kenwood AV receiver, LCD TV and a DVD Player. I want a good home theater package - I am missing good speakers. I can go upto Rs. 1lac.

What do you recommend? Where should I go to buy?

Bose has a service center in Chennai. Should I get one of these?
Bose a strict no no. You will have much better option in that price range. Surely some Pros can help u in that regrad or search a little in the forum.

Which Kenwood AVR ? as I know they've stopped making some time back !! anyway in 1lac mark you have pleanty of options.

1.wharfedale diamond 8 or 9 series
2.Monitor Audio
3.Polk Audio

Above are few choices of speakers,but the main thing is the AVR !! which model decides whether it makes sense to keep the AVR and add speakers to it or whether is it worth investing 1lac for speakers and drive them through this AVR !! so please let us know the model number so that we can suggest you better !

Thanks Guys for your response. The kenwood model is VRS-N8100...

Kenwood VRS-N8100 Features:

6 channel digital amplifier
am/fm tuner
Ethernet connection
32-bit SHARC floating-point DSP processing
firmware upgradeable
weight: 10.1 lb (4.6 kg)
dimensions (HxWxD): 3-1/8? x 17-5/16?x 14-5/16? (79 mm x 440 mm x 364 mm)
power consumption: 95 watts


100 watts x 6 channels (1 kHz, 0.7% THD, 6 ohms)
6 channel Pure-Path digital amplifier built by Texas Instruments


Dobly Digital EX, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, DSP Mode


2 component inputs / 1 output
2 S-video inputs / 1 output
2 composite inputs / 1 output
1 auxilary input (stereo)
2 digital coaxial inputs
2 digital optical inputs
subwoofer pre out
surround back (l,r) pre out
Ethernet input
PCMCIA card slot

Seems like a very decent Amp (except for the power ),you can get a decent set-up from the perviously mentioned speakers !!

I wouldn't recommend you to go for much higher priced speakers for more then one reason.

1. The rated 100W @ 1khz means more or less it'll be not more then 40-50W from 20-20Khz (I think you know this !! you don't listen to only 1khz,so the 100W means nothing)

2. You don't know the current capabilities,So can't afford to buy a less sensitive speakers ( in general most speakers have a sensitivity of around 86-88dB) also the higher the price of the speaker the higher the quality of the Amp needed to do justice to them.
3. Since you say its digital Amp,not many speakers are suited for this type of Amp.

So it'd be better for you to look into the choices that I've put for you !! Also try and take the Amp to the Auditioning so that you can actually get the feel of the speakers,In this way you can actually gauge the AVR's capabilities and also the get proper match for them.

Yes Soundsgreat is bang on target. Take your Amplifier to the showroom and check it with various speakers. See to that you take your CDs and DVDs along with you.


When you have good budget, i would propose you to buy some good Speaker Cables too for your setup...

Do keep in mind the following home packages as well :
Q Accoustics
Mordaunt Short
Polk Audio

Are you looking for Floor Standers or Bookshelf, or In-Wall speakers...???
And what kind of setup you are looking for...???
And moreover what kind of music you like...???

Do let us know, the same...
May be we can help you suggest your requirements...


Mridul Goel
You guys are fantastic.

Alright...I am taking your advice and am not going to use this kenwood receiver.

I went to one of these HiFi shops and heard a couple of systems...
1. Monitor Audio RS5 with Marantz 5001 - expensive at 1.4 lakhs
2. Deftech Pro 800 with Marantz 5001 - this is 90K

What are your thoughts? Should I be looking at other systems? Where can I get these in Chennai?

Buddy the speaker choice may be right but the AVR is not !! your existing kenwood is much better of then the 5001 ! it suits music but for movies runs out of breath very easily !! So i'd recommend against Marantz !

I'd suggest the option two. That will a very good system for the price. I'd also suggest looking at Marantz + Mordaunt Short Combo. Specially I'd recommend looking at MS Genie. Its a highly regarded HT speaker.