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Which HT Setup bring from US

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport


New Member
Sep 17, 2009
OK, This question must have been asked in bits and pieces, but not as a whole set together.
Shortly I will be relocating from US to India and planning to buy a nice HT setup mostly for watching movies, appreciate your help in gathering the prices.

The question is more about Receiver and Subwoofer, as it has to do with 50/60hz frequency.

Way back in 2004 I brought Onkyo receiver and Bose AMIII HT speakers, equipped with cust build Step-Transformer did not give me satisfaction, as it lows gets clipped(like any explosion gets stuck for a second and then sound comes, it's very irritating).Also I tried contacting Onkyo India, at that time their head office itself responded that they cannot take up this activity.

Now Since I am making fresh purchases I have opprotunity to correct this problem.
I don't want to have additional step-down transformer. it consumes more power, also produces light humming sound, so I want to go for dual voltage receivers, I noticed that they are $100-$150 more expensive, which may be the price to buy/build a step-down.

Any recommendations please for receiver.I am shipping, so space is not a problem
Also I know that 50/60hz does effect bass, is it good to buy Sub-woofer from US or buy it in India..?
I am planning for Infinity Primus 362 and C250 and p162 for main speakers.

Thanks in advance for your help.