Wireless headphone below 10000


Jun 25, 2011
I am need of an wireless headphone to be used with iPhone 11 for listening to Music and podcast. Office meeting are not an requirement.

In Amazon/Tata Cliq etc. the following headphones are available at an approximate price 7500-9500.00

1. Marshall Major 3
2. Sennheiser HD 350 BT
3. JBL Tune 750 BTNC
4. JBL Live 500 BT
5. Sony WH CH710 N
6. Sony XB WH 700

Priorities are sound quality and comfort. I mostly listen to Pop 50%, dance 25%, Indian fusion, 20% and Rock 5%.

Mic, battery life and Noise Cancellation are not very important. I used to listen to Audio Technica M30 (wired) in iPhone 6 (before that HTC One X+). My wish is to have similar or better sound quality.

Please pour in the suggestion.
That requirement is quite steep when you consider the budget. I have heard both the Sony's, the Marshall and the Senn, I would not bother my ears with either of them. I used to use only HTC for years and their One series specifically for the sound quality and then switched to LG, so I think you will not be happy with sound quality of these. Your best bet is to stick to wired, changing a phone is too much to ask for (I am holding on t my LG G8X like the Gollum holds the ring) I presume and so my advice is a bit strange. Get yourself a good type C or lightning DAC, something like the HELM Bolt maybe (there are other alternatives as well) and stick with your AT M30. I have the Helm Bolt and if you use Tidal, it is quite fantastic.
Assuming your AT M30 is still alright.
If not then are you willing to consider bluetooth IEMs? Then look for the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. It is by far the best sounding Bluetooth earbuds I have heard, with the companion app you will be able to tune it to your liking and quite honestly, the sound quality is very nice.
It does not have the bells and whistles like noise cancelling and ambient sound mode and all that but for pure sound quality, in this space they are pretty much up there.
Can't thank you enough for the reply. Will now look forward to the DAC route.

I find the in ear headphones bit uncomfortable.
Get the lightning adapter. In 900 rupees you are back to the sound quality route. Use your ath m30. I won’t bother trying out headphones under 10k, as most of them are not comfortable. The comfortable ones don’t sound good. 10k is a good budget for a iem or earphones but not a quality headphone.
Ordered the adapter straight away. Review seems to be decent for Rs. 900.00. Spatial audio availability in Apple Music made the decision quicker.

Plan is to continue with existing wired ATH untill I can manage a decent budget for wireless headphone.
Good suggestion by Passive audio enthusiast, this is a good start. Bluetooth audio will take another couple of generations I feel to catch up to proper fidelity of wired audio, not talking high res or anything like that, just good old basic CD quality. I am determined to stay wired as long as possible.
Purchase the Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier at a special offer price.