Xgimi at Chennai Viveks


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Dec 3, 2019
I'm window shopping currently for my soon to be setup HT in a year maybe and as part of the process I got a demo for Xgimi MoGo Pro today at Viveks showroom in Chennai(T nagar branch is having it).

The colors are truly exceptional and Since their lumens is between 250-300, it is not at all good to watch even with minimal lighting condition. But when it gets dark, their performance is at its best

However the pricing is too high compared to what aliexpress offers.

The downside for me is, they are only having Mogo/Mogo Pro/Halo editions for sale and don't have either H2 or H3.

But anyone around Chennai interested in getting a handy projector with local warranty and a demo before purchase. This information is for you all.
Additional info:

I got it projected over a white wall in a dark lit condition and the colors/details are retained for good.

I also got the video projected to a size of 120+ inches and there's no loss in detail.

They demo-ed Mogo Pro for me and it also has a powercord to connect with. When you are at home or near a power socket, you don't need to put the stress over battery.

The software keystone correction is good to setup and the projector has autofocus functionality which works good.
I got a deal for Xgimi H3 Chinese Version at 960 USD. Once bought, planning to change language to English using following tutorial:

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I've two doubts:

1) I've already ordered Nvidia shield Pro via a friend. Will using Nvidia via Xgimi, allow me to use the HDR movie experience and also 3D?!

2) Planning to get Projector from LR Digital, but also have asked pricing quotes from couple more sellers, awaiting their response at the moment. Is LR Digital - trustable seller?! Reading mixed responses from our forum.

@elangoas need some assistance here
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