Yamaha Receiver makes crackling sound


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Sep 12, 2015
India, Bangalore
Need your help/suggestion to my problem.
My AVR Yamaha RX-V479 has started to crackle since yesterday and its getting worse.
My set-up is simple - LG LED TV to Yamaha Receiver via Optical Cable
Below are the troubleshooting steps performed:-
1. Anything played on TV started to crackle, hence replaced optical cable but the crackling sound wont go away.
2. Played audio via airplay and found no issues, hence thought it has to do with the optical cable or the optical port in the receiver/TV.
3. Connected TV to Yamaha receiver via HDMi ARC and I thought this will fix the issue, but to my utter disappointment the crackling sound is heard in HDMI ARC, Aux, Bluetooth, Radio, AV1/AV2, Audio1/2 and now in AirPlay also.

Also another thing I noticed is that, the receiver switches off by itself when I switch it on and again I switch it on it stays stable (something that I observe for the first time along the crackling sound issue)

Now I'm seriously worried and suspecting something is seriously damaged inside and needs motherboard replacement or something. I did try to search for some solutions in Youtube but nothing helpful.

Please help what would be the best way to get this fixed.
It sounds like electrical interference, I would troubleshoot like this to isolate the issue:

1 - as you already said that the issue comes with TV primarily, so, try using a different plug point for TV, maybe run an extension cord from a plug close by. If the issue is resolved, you just need an electrician to come have a look at your plug point.
2 - if the issue persists, try using a different power cable (if available) with the TV. If that helps it could just be your TV's power cable.
3 - try using the receiver with another TV or monitor.
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