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Youtube video of Sumanta's Open Baffles

Wharfedale Speakers
Dec 17, 2012
Vadodara, Baroda
I have borrowed Sumanta's OBs for a week and I found the sound coming out of them really fantabulous. They have been built using Ahuja drivers and costs 10k (Sumanta pls correct me if I am wrong)

Even though my wife is not a regular listener, she gets mesmerized to the musical treat presented by the OBs. Also, I have used mp3s as source which are not of very good quality and even the amplifiers are mediocre. I am very sure that these OBs will beat up speakers which will cost around 1-2L rupees.

I do not consider myself to be an audiophile, however the I cannot help myself appreciating the OBs.

The sound from the OBs entirely fills the room, its non fatiguing and I am yet to hear a better sounding set of speakers. That said, I have heard a lot of good speakers. Though the video does not capture the sound quality as experienced in my room; nonetheless enjoy the video.

Additionally, Sumanta says "Return on Investment (ROI) is very high in case of speakers than any other component in the entire chain". Believe me what he says is absolutely true.

In one of the threads a mate who built an OB mentioned that he is a convert and will never go back to sound coming out of a box/cabinet speaker. Now, I can really understand why so.

the link to the youtube video is

Videography: By Priyanka (My wife :))


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Nov 29, 2007
Open baffles, indeed are one of the best speakers. They have a very different sound, once an OB Convert there is no going back.

On a technical note, OBs have a 6db baffle peak on axis, which is pretty high. One of the easiest ways suggested to counter is to go with a rectangular (wider) baffle. See the JE Labs baffle JE Labs Arkiv: Open Baffle. This seems to be the best design that works for a lot of DIY folks especially those using high efficiency drivers. Consideration for space and WAF factor, most commercial OB speakers are narrow and they try to equalize the dipole peak in the crossover.

Also You will need a lot of space around your speakers to use them with OBs, mine are 6ft from the rear wall and 3 ft from the side wall, meaning a fairly large room to really enjoy them.


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Nov 27, 2011
This is a surprise to me!
I was already happy enough that my friend with practical mind is enjoying music through my speakers. thanks to you and your family.

Thanks Rajagopal_J for your suggestions. I will read links suggested by you. Some of them are not yet read. Rectangular goes bad on looks and space front. And I so far have active crossover and equalizer so sound does sound wonderful, clear, natural, musical to my brain's expectations.