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Aug 7, 2007
what speakers would you recommend to match a Denon 3805? I am looking for fronts/centre and rears, listening to a 50:50 mix of music/movies. the room is about 14ftx14ft. i have got a sub - i will look to replace it later if it doesnt match.

With Denon go for-

1.Kef KHT-2005 Rs.70000
KHT-3005 Rs.95000

2.Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 & package

3.Mordaunt short avant 9.2 & package

4.Tannoy F1 custom

5.Polkaudio Rti4

Pradeep I aslo would recommend the Diamonds !! they the true VFM products and you cannot go wrong with that !!

For a good deal please refer to Decibel Inc here in the forum,The owner is Anand and is very easy and reliable to deal with !!

Except for the Polk and Kef KHT I almost second other options that spirovious has put forward !!

thanks spirovious and you too, soundsgreat.

out of curiosity, soundsgreat, - why wouldnt you recommend the Kefs? I have heard them before and I thought they sounded very good. they do need the matching sub though to ensure the handoff from sat to sub is seamless.
and how do I get hold of Anand? had a quick look in the dealer forum but couldnt find decibel Inc.

Pradeep the reason for me not suggesting the KHT series is,Well first of Am not a big fan of sat-sub set-ups so I've not been able to digest the sound from them ! second the kinda money you are expected to spend on this is almost equal or even more then the diamond tower package ! so I'd say no matter what the tower always has an edge over these sat-subs !! Hence my recommendation for them !!

Hope this is enough !! coz I hate to nitpick the defects of a particular product !

As with the Decibels contact is concerned,here's the thread or the contact details !!

Decibel Inc

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