A bit too Diverse to sound good???


New Member
Sep 5, 2006

I have a really diverse system, i started out this way becausesomeone told me that setting up a Ht with different components allow for more flexibility.

Anyway this is what i ave currently

1. Yamaha RXv 440 6. 1 Receiver
2. Torvin Floorstanders - Phantom Series , 3 way, 200 watts (MAIN)
3. 2 Vintage sansui's - 3 way , 80 watts (Surrounds)

4. Yamaha CDC 585 - 5 multidiscplayer
5. Yamaha KXw321 Double Cassette deck
3. Philips Turntable

...and lotof other stuff which i dontuse.

You may have noticed that i dont havea sub..i dont yet..pklanningto buy one..any recommendations as to what would go with this setup?

And the basic question..doesit reallymatter that i have such diverse components???

My ideal setup would beone which compliments both music and movies, this one has no probs with music, but a little soft sounding on the movies...maybe because of asub absence??

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