A2 or MX 5021 or Klipsch 2.1pro


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Sep 20, 2008
I am planning to buy any of these products for my laptop speaker. What do u suggest? where can I find them in Kolkata?
I owned the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 for about 3 years.
Upside is they can get loud, downside is the horn tweeter just got too fatiguing for my tastes.

I vote on the Audioengine A2 insane reviews. I plan on buying the Audioengine A5 soon myself.
Have not heard the Audioengine yet, have read reviews where they have got lots of stars :D.

My advice would be if you are going to buy expensive computer speakers like this you should definitely invest in an external sound card(USB) like the Creative audigy(external one is called extigy) or the ol live card. it would be worth it coz the sound quality difference from a normal laptop card and this is huge.

Have connected my speakers to the laptop as well as my ol pc with live sound card the difference is very evident.
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