Accoustic Portrait TC-2 & Mordaunt Short 908i

I am getting a Floor stander made by Siva in 2-3 weeks time with Scan speak drivers in MTM configuration.

Hi Venu,

Congratulations. Hope to catch up with you during my Blore visit after you get them made.

BTW, AFAIK Monitor (MS) series uses Vifa Drivers not scanspeaks. I have their bookshelves MS 101 and they have vifas.


Hi Venu

You buying and selling the AP chain to Titus has in helped me realising what I've been missing out on. So thank you too.:clapping:
Titus mentioned you're getting an AP floorstander made and its great that you are shifting to Bangalore. Coz that makes it all the more easier for us to come over and hopefully listen to your system.:D

I've not yet understood the technical stuff behind the making of a DIY speaker but somehow kind of excited about making one and Scanspeak drivers have got a lot of rave reviews. Listening to your FS's should give an idea as to how they sound.:licklips:

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