Advantage of BJT voltage regulation?


Rahul after trying very hard I finally gave up,the site just wouldn't load the schematics of the PS in question !!

Anyways without knowing head or toe of that design its hard to comment !! but I'll tell in general whats the use of these !

Any Audio circuit be it Tube or SS needs a solid power supply which should be able to give the proper filtered voltages and also have less impedance and low noise among other things !!

To achieve this most often then not people use Regulated supply (Linear Regulated supply) which tends to take care of the above said stuff !! For better understanding the liner power supply read this PDF !!

Understanding Liner PS

Coming to the PS in question again,This one uses BJT (Bi-Polar Juntion Transistor) used as high speed switching device here (according to them ) coupled with national Semiconductors LM series Voltages Regulator devices ! So in general its good design ( again just based the basic info given) !!

So if you have such power supply most certainly the sound quality will improve and such !!

Hope this helps !

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Thanks Guys. The details of your responses dont make head or tail to me, just wanted a gut feel if the extra expense was worth it.
I guess an ability to study the specific application and circuit as an electronics expert is required which his outside my domain.

Just to update you, The original designer of the GG pre was not willing to ship his product to me so I settled for the copy which had a optional variation with the BJT supply.

I just ordered the plain vanilla copy kit without the BJT for the moment.
Hopefully it will be true to original.

Thanks again.
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