advice for purchasing AVR


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Jan 7, 2008
kollam, kerala
Kindly guide me...I like to own an AVR, my budget is limited. I am only interested in watching movies with good sound effect.. right now I own a Denon 1200 and bose speakers . I want to upgrade my Avr ( Denon got repaired and I couldn't get one IC). My prefrence are Denon 1610 or Onkyo Tx.SR507...I am very much concerned about price....I welcome your valuable comments....I once more repeat my budget is very low
Den 1610 is good choice with surr rear preoutput too.
Price can be 27k & in grey around 20k.
Go for the tata croma offer - Yamaha 463 + DSE 5.1.

I heard it and it avery high value for money but doubt if they will come down from 35K. Sell those Bose's, they just try to boss around.
Can anyone ( from Chennai ) help me about the price of DENON 1610 in grey mkat at Chennai, and also the price we want to pay for the system. My doubt... is it is reliable to purchase from grey MKT. I am supposed to visit Chennai by end of this week.
Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers in Walnut finish at a Special Offer Price. BUY now before the price increase.