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Aug 30, 2007
Hi to all at this forum. I'm Viki from Pune, an Engineer, 37.

My system -
Reciever: Yamaha RXV 1500
Front Speakers: Yamaha NS 555 floorstanders
Subwoofer: Yamaha SW 515
Surrounds: Yamaha NSP 70 pkg
CD Player: Marantz CD 5001
CD Changer: Sony CDP - CX 55 (51 discs)
Tape Deck: Yamaha K-540
Turntable: Sony PS LX-330
Portable: iPod nano
Tuner: Worldspace
DVD Player: Samsung HD 860
TV Tuner: Dish TV Zenega CD2007 VGA
Projector: Sony VPL EX-3
Room: 450 sq ft

Now, I'm planning to sell the RXV1500 (gotta get an RXV3800 - love the Yamaha receivers). Also, I'm looking to upgrade the front speakers. Also, looking at a 32" LCD come Diwali.

Here's the thing - I can't decide if its better to separate the audio from video, or to have a combined setup. My usage is 60% music (mostly rock) and 40% movies/TV.

If I separate the systems, I'll probably sell the 555's, get a Roksan Kandy MKIII Amp, and pair with a good pair of floorstanders. Then, do I keep the NS 555's as front channels just for video? And do I really need the 3800?

On the other hand, I could sell the RXV1500 + 555's and just get the RXV3800 with better fronts - could work fine too:confused:

For the fronts, I'm looking at:
Mordaunt Short Avant 916i / 908i
Acoustic Energy Neo 3
Monitor Audio RS6 / BR5
I like the NS 555's, but they're not loud enough.

Help! Look forward to replies from all you knowledgeable guys.

Hi Viki,

What system did you finalise? Did you buy Roksan Kandy Mk III? I just bought a pair of MA BR5's and am teaming them up with an old Onkyo TX8211. Looking for a new stereo Integrated amp - my choices are

Cambridge Audio 640 V2
NAD 355
if I can afford one from Singapore ROKSAN KANDY LIII MkIII

let me know which system did you finally go for?
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