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Advice on buying: Pioneer SP FS-52 speakers with Yamaha HTR 3067 AV Receiver

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Tabula Rasa

New Member
Aug 18, 2018
This is my first post on this forum, and I would like to start with thanking in advance for any suggestion/advice about my query. Sorry if my post is too long or leaves out any relevant information. I will be happy to add or edit it if required.

TL;DR: Does SP FS-52 speakers with Yamaha HTR 3067 AVR make a good pair for a 12x14ft room

Budget: Rs. 45-50K

Background: This will be my first purchase of an audio system in many years, the last one being a Philips FW V795 Mini Hifi in 2002. I have been on the move past many years and therefore I had been relying on portable setup of DAC-Amp and headphone with my laptop/phone or CD player thus far.

Query: After searching online on various sites and forums, I narrowed down to Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers, which appear to be highly rated and suited to my budget constraints. While opinion is highly suggestive of getting an integrated stereo amplifier as against an AV receiver in the same price point, I feel inclined towards AVR as its multi input functionality which allows for digital input via HDMI/coaxial/toslink can help save on any additional hardware to do the same job while also offering possibility of adding additional speakers such as center or side left/right in the future. Therefore, within the price-band suited to me, I was able to narrow down to Yamaha HTR 3067 which fulfils my perceived needs as above and also appears to fulfil my budget constraint while being highly rated.

Lastly: I request for suggestion on the choice of speakers and the AVR I have mentioned above - whether it justifies the budget (comes to approx 50K +/-), whether the two are compatible and can work to bring the best out of each other?

Additional info reg. Existing Equipment, Media Formats, Pref Genres:
CD/DVD Player: CD/DVD Player: Philips DVP320f17 (RCA&Coax 96KHz/24Bit) for Audio CDs and DVDs - connected either via RCA to audio line-in of Philips FX V795 or through digital coax via DAC-Amp.
Portable DAC-Amp: Fiio E17K, connected with Laptop/ Android Phone for FLAC/DSD files, TIDAL Hifi and Play Music streaming.
Chromecast 2015 - Streaming video to Samsung LED TV;
HDMI Audio Extractor (Generic/Chinese) to feed to Fiio Amp via digital coaxial for lossless streaming.
My preferred genres of music are Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues and New Age