am i doing right????


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hello friends

like most of you know i have two polk subs

i want to know something about calibration of two subs

here what i did and tell me if i'm wrong or right

first i set both my subs to appropriate level for me both set at 9'0clock

and then i calibrate them with automatic calibration mic of onkyo av receiver

it sets both to -3db(subs range is from -12 db to + 12db) one by one

like i calibrate right sub and then left sub until both shows -3db in av receiver sub level

should i then connect both and calibrate again

i did calibrate both when they both connected but automatic calibration set sub level at -9db

i then play some music and find -9db to be sound very thin

and then after fiddling with sub calibarte level i leave both to -3db in my av receiver sub level and i found it to have more punch and more bass(i like more bass it gives me audio nirvana:licklips:)

so did i did right or wrong :indifferent14:

should i leave it to -3db or -9db
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