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Amp for Rti A7s

Wharfedale Evo 4.2


Jan 19, 2010
Delhi, India
Hi Guys,

This is a re-post from the Amps thread, I thought this thread was more appropriate.

I've narrowed down my speakers to the Polk Audio Rti A7s and now I need a matching amp. They're going to be used in a stereo setup in my living / drawing room. Music genres are going to be light jazz / lounge / house / vocals. I like good bass. Source is going to be a basic turntable, CD player and spotify connect through Gramofon. I'm going to use them for easy listening, as well as loud music when I have people over.

I'm confused between the NAD 356 and 375 amps. My dealer says that the A7s are a little hard to drive, and need the 375 to power them to their full potential. While I CAN buy that amp, I'm not inclined to due to the higher cost (1+ compared to around 60 for the 356). What do you guys think? Should I look at other amps as well? I do need to power a separate set of outdoor speakers in zone 2 for the terrace, therefore thought this was the best option available to me. Appreciate ya'lls input.