An experiment with MP3 - Really Lossy....


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Apr 8, 2009
Dear All,

Attached is a file created using Adobe Audition 3.0 Spectral Frequenncy Display. The upper part shows the left track and the lower part shows the right track.

Within the tracks the upper portion reflects the high frequency and the lower part the low frequency.

Watch carefully that the original cd file losses high frequency detail as we go on compressing and reducing the bitrate in MP3 format.

This is for the members to appreciate the true CD quality which way better than the MP3 format.

Sorry for the small file size.

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That is really interesting. It would be interesting to compare FLAC and Ogg.

The only reservation that I have is that would one would need to know the frequency levels to know whether our ears could have heard them anyway.
I have used the linear scale only in place of the log scale.The scale starts from 0Hz Frequency and ends at 22000Hz covering the entire spectrum.(You can change the view from log to linear by the right menu on the scale itself)

I have noticed that Mp3 mastered at any bitrate shows poor performance from 16000Hz onwards with details being removed from the lower frequencies.So you miss a lot.
A Comparison between Ogg Vorbis at 256 kbps and Audio CD (PCM) on Linear Scale.
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Yes there is a difference between Ogg and PCM but it seems to be much less lossy than MP3.......
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