Any idea why Sony RT3 has ports on Soundbar and No Tweeter?


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Nov 17, 2020
I have finally drilled down to purchase RT3 and went in for a demo, but surprised to see ports on all of it's 3 channels on the soundbar. AFAIK, this "ported" thing is used mainly on subwoofers. The soundbar has just 1.5 inch speakers which they call as full-range drivers. The subwoofer exists for low frequencies. Any idea? Moreover, when Sony calls it a home theater system, why not include any dedicated twitter?
Definitely an issue on the HT-RT3, some audio clips don't come out clear. It's perfect for conversations and more bass heavy music, but not great for treble heavy stuff.
Any idea? Moreover, when Sony calls it a home theater system, why not include any dedicated twitter?
Most sound bars are ported on the main unit itself. It there isn't a port, the entire unit might just rattle, resonate due to built up sound pressure levels.

Several sound bars use full range drivers. There is very little space to fix so many speakers and the RT3 (much like all other sound bars) is a slim unit hence this configuration. Its also one of the reasons the sound can end up being muffled as the one speaker can't handle Mid and Low at the same time. Its after all, a built to a price product so you can't expect miracles out of it.

No such thing as bass reflex ports only on sub woofers. Even built in TV speaker's have ports a the bottom. That's the only way you can get some minimal bass out of them.

Its also spelt Tweeter. No you cannot connect a separate tweeter unit to the RT3. I'd just use it as it is.
Can a twitter be connected in parallel to any one of the channels?
No its not at all recommended as it'll imbalance the overall impedance of the system. A company launches any system in the market after several phases of R&D keeping in mind the cost of the system and taste of the customer in that price range.
An absence of tweeter might be an issue for critical listeners, and this product is not targetted for them. An 1.5 driver can go upto 12k and start rolling off, but most of the user's might not know this. The speakers are ported to extend the bass from the puny drivers.. else it might sound too shrill or lacking low end. There are these compromises to get things at that particular sale price.