Arcam AVR11 availability in India

spoke to them, looks like they are not going to stock avr11 for another 2 or 3 months. They are pushing avr10 for the time being.
Ohh ok, else you ask them where you can get AVR 11, especially from their agents in Mumbai or so.
I spoke with Decibel folks at the What Hi-Fi Show 2022 in Bombay. Delivery of their India stock is still a couple of months away.
Yes they told me the same about the AVR21 too, the prices for the current ones avr10/20/30 have gone up abit since few days now.
I bought Arcam AVR21 from Decibel Hyderabad dealer (decibel gave me the contact) and super happy. My HT guy did the dirac calibiration and i haven't tinkered with it since then. I'm a first timer so do not know enough to comment on how it compares to other brands.
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