Audio Sales Guys wanted. Good Remunerations and very good prospect.


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May 29, 2007
Hi Guys,

I am looking for two-three outdoor sales execs but they must have Audio background because i refuse to give anymore basic Audio training so i figure this is the best place to look for you guys with Audio back basics. heh heh . Anyone interested please do give me a call for an appointment date. 2nd half of the day for any interviews only please. from 1pm-5pm. Please do give me a call to fix a date and time appointment. +91-9810150479. Thanks guys.

Just a note to add, i do offer pretty good remuneration and good prospect even with the opportunity for oversea assignments as well as oversea posting (we are a Regional MNC with audio distbution network and shops around Asia Pacific). That much i can promise if you guys are really good. So guys dun wait anymore, call me. :D

Jeffrey TENG
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