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Dec 3, 2008
Hello all,

I am not sure whether this is the right sub-forum to post this query. I would like to know some of the AV dealers in Hyderabad. Here there is less awareness as compared to Bangalore or Chennai or Delhi or Mumbai, I think.

In Hyderabad, I am only aware of:

Sound and Vision, Somajiguda
USK Electronics, Somajiguda
PRO-FX, Somajiguda

I am also aware that ONKYO has a showroom in Ameerpet.
I do not know whether e-zone or TMC can be called as AV dealers

BY AV dealers, I mean who are specifically dealing in high-end AV receivers, speakers, cables etc.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated

For AV receivers thats about it I suppose.
If you want to know about any specific model ping me. I might be able to help you out.
For AV receivers thats about it I suppose.
If you want to know about any specific model ping me. I might be able to help you out.


Is it only for AVRs or even for CDP, DVDP, DAC, etc. that we can ping you?
:) I am not a dealer. Just a guy based out of Hyderebad and did the search for buying some systems for me for over a year. So, I have been to every one of these places and most of them would have blacklisted me by now :) So, for anything give me a ping and I'll see if I can help you. Now, mostly in touch with dealers in other cities of India.
Sound & Vision offer some decent equipment and offer some of the better audio kit in Hyderabad. Unfortunately (as can be read on this forum) they have a reputation for being a little arrogant which if you can handle you should be okay.

Call Shyam at 9246878082 for an appointment. They are pretty good once they know you are a serious buyer.
I have also been to all the dealers in Hyd. Try Vector Projections at Nagarjuna Circle, they talk realistic prices and have excellent customer service and follow up. They got most of the brands under the roof. I recently picked up my PJ from there. There's this guy called Sesha Reddy, really good to deal with.
Please let me know if there is a reliable grey market dealer in Hyd, am looking for a Pio 610 DVDP. Thanks.
I remember seeing a showroom called cinebels on 1st floor of the Building which has Barista on Groundfloor on Road No.1 Banjara Hills. Haven't been inside though

In my recent quest of trying to buy a Pioneer DVD player I have evaluated few dealers in Hyderabad:

Vector Systems: These guys are very cordial and seem to have a lot of brands such as Wharfedale, Dali, Denon and Monster under one roof. They are willing to listen to you and follow up on the requests made by you.

ProFX: I have not visited them but talked to them over phone. they have a good website with prices.

Sound and Vision: they don't seem to have a proper showroom currently. the impression I got when I visited them was they were quite Rude and are not too interested in selling any thing other than high end.

Amongst the bigger stores, I felt Ezone and Hypercity were the ones which had some Onkyo, HK and Yamaha HTIBs. Ezone had some really great deals on HT packages during Diwali.
These are the main ones in the city

1. Sound n Vision - Begumpet - Extensive collection2 much attitude

2. Pro FX, Somajiguda (House all Pro FX ..polk, Denon Focal, Chord etc...)

3. Sound Room - Banjara Hills (Official distributors for Oppo in Hyd, they have good hifi brands on them)

4. Vector Projection, Nagarjuna Circle, Banjara Hills

5. Audio Solutions - Vijaynagar Colony (Energy, Monitor Audio etc, this guy happens to be a sound engineer)

6. Cinebles -Jamo showroom also stock Sherwood

7. Onkyo Showroom - Ameerpet

8. Bose Showroom - Somajiguda

9. JBL Showroom - Prasads Imax Complex

Other include consumer electronic malls like Xcite, EZone etc.

Anybody knows the dealer/Showroom who sells Q Acoustics speakers. Please forward some details.

PROFX Hyderabad TOPS all other dealers-I can Bet ON that
THE customer Response and Service that they provide is ultimate and i've never got such a experience before from any of the Dealers in hyderabad.
I've Searched for High End Speakers all over the city and went down to all the store in South India.
FINALLY Found the Right Place.

The Dealers Visited in Hyderabad & the Experience with Them:

1) Heard that Sound & Vision is the TOP AV Dealer in Hyderabad but after visiting the store at GVK & having a talk with Shantanu came to know that it is really TOPS THE LIST FROM BOTTOM.
Had such a worst experience which i never had before though visited that many showrooms.
Hes got High Attitude & If you wanna visit his show room then please carry 1 CRORE minimum or else he doesnt give time to you,He ignores you.

2)Went to Sound Room :Initially had a good Responce but he's just trying to push the product on your head.Its like advance first then talk next.

3)Vector Projections: Very keen in understanding but very fast in projecting his views and pushing the products,He is got very few amazingly sound Speakers when compared with others.

4)Cinebells: Jamo is the main product hes got good Demo rooms but very limited in selections .Not Satisfied felt that i could get even better ones.

5)Onkyo showroom: Its The basic for Home theatre after visiting & Listening to Denon no more scope for Onkyo.Denon No1 (Only Audiophiles can Differentiate the difference ) The Onkyo Ratings are GUd more over THX Certified for example I 've seen a AMP of Rating 200W RMS @ 6 Ohms and heard the Sound in 250W @6 Ohm Speaker and ultimately when compared to Denon & Polk although the prices are same if Polk & Onkyo are compared cannot listen to Onkyo Ones again.

6)Bose Show Room : Ultimate for 10 X 10 Size Room not More than that Had a comparision between Focal Sib & CO & Bose Lifestyle AM 15 where the Price of Focal is 50K & price of Bose is 80K on the same Amp Denon Felt that bose had lots of frequencies missing which are very important.

7) Finally Profx Store Hyderabad where i purchased KEF Ultimate Performance,In a Ultimate Demo Room ,with a excellent staff people so friendly that if you even want to have a demo only and do not want to buy they will definitely escort you, Finally found the best speakers and not only that they've got excellent service providing staff & senior most Installation people who r very kind enough & thay not only do their work but also does wht ever is told apart from their regular at any time 24/7 responce,very Experienced people.

Hope the information would help you guys in selecting the right place where you feel satisfied.
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HI Mahesh,

Thats a good review for ProFx.

Finally what did you buy and why? I'm a newbie for audio. Just learning from peoples experience.

i want to buy Asus O play HD Media player or WD HD media player immediately in Hyderabad ?

Do you know any store in Hyderabad which sell either of the two ?

Pls help
anybody knows about paramount system?
i m purchasing a screen from mr prasad rao - +919963774698
address - plot 36 1st floor royal enclave manovikas nagar bowenpally secundrabad
need feedback on services..
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