Best Floor-standing speakers : sub-1lac


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Oct 17, 2008
hello friends

I am starting this thread in search for the best floor-standing speakers in under 1 lac category.

All of you pls give your inputs, recommendations, experiences, brands and costs.

I have short listed a few :

1) Dali Ikon 6

2) Montior Audio RS 6

3) Mordunt short Mezzo 6

4) KEF iQ 7/ 9

5) B&W 684

i think we can add focal chorus(?) series.

Pls feel free to add to this or COMMENT on each speaker
Latest Indian prices would also be welcome.

Happy listening !
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Before you decide on any one of the brands that you have mentioned, try to audition the QUAD 22L2's. Very detailed sounding as well as good looking babies :)
Yes I forgot to mention.

Quad 22 L are definately on the list of best spks below 1 lac. i think they retail at 79k.

how did you find it ( i assume you have adutioned it.)

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Since you mentioned in your other thread that you can get the equipment at dollar rates, you can also go for B&W 805/805S. These are not floorstanders, but will kick butt of all the speakers mentioned so far.
Hi Spidey,
How about ProAc Studio 130 or 140.
-Focal Immm...forgot ...Profile or Chorus.
B&W 704...

i've got ma rs6 and they;re really good speakers. i've heard that the quads at the price are very good as well
I recently auditioned Acoustic Portrait floorstanders (MS-301 Acoustic Portrait). For the price (30K) they were very good. The only thing which I found lacking was bass extension but it may have been a room issue (the room was quite big and were driven by valve amps). From what I know the firm has stopped manufacturing this speakers and they are giving discount on the remaining stock. I would suggest listening to this after u have auditioned some known brands (take ur own amplifier for audition).
Usher Be-718 hands down. I auditioned atleast 50 speakers before settling on these. If you care for sound and not the number of drivers in the speaker, these win hands down. Unbelievable sound for the money.

In terms of bass, it hands most floorstanders around that price their rear end. The bass must be seen to be believed when driven by a high current amp.
For excellent sound that won't break the bank, the 5 Star Award Winning Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers is the one to consider!